Om du har husdjur bör du kolla veterinären du går hos. Veterinären kan vara anmäld och/eller prickad. Elinas katt skulle kastreras – blev avlivad | Nyheter | Aftonbladet. Det finns (mig veter…

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My “brother” Freddy is unfortunately one day older than me, but much smaller- And not as clever as I am.



Hello! I´m Teddy 10 months old/ young. I came together with my yorkie pal Freddy, 1 day older than me, but we aren´t brothers even if we were born almost at the same time at the same breeder.

My mom likes to take pics of us all. We are for now 4 yorkies and one Maltese dog.

We tell you about what we do and there will be many pics of us.